Building Quality Control Company

For residential customers, we specialize in personal attention to smaller repair and remodeling projects.
We are licensed and fully insured above the legal requirements.  Please feel free to ask for a copy of our current ACORD insurance certification.

If we are unable to commit to your project needs because of location, scheduling, job size, or other technical or licensing barriers, we can help you by finding the right
sub-contractors for your jobs.

We can work in an advisory capacity if you like, on a fee or hourly basis, as a liaison between you and your own choice of sub-contractors, or to help you find the right sub-contractor for your individual needs. We can give you pointers on what to look for, and what to specify in writing from each sub-contractor. We can thus help you choose the best talent for your project while saving you money, in a departure from the conventional general contractor arrangement.

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